How it works for Contest Creators

1. Register - If you want to run a giveaway for free you must create a free account
2. Create a Contest / Giveaway - In less then 2 minutes you can create your first contest.
3. Embed the code - Copy the code on your blog or any other website where you want to run a contest.
4. Moderate comments - You can moderate the comments yourself, or you can approve them automatically.
5. Make it viral - You can require sharing the comment on Facebook.
6. Set an expiration date - The contest will close automatically and the winners and losers will be automatically notified by e-mail if they won or not.
7. Set the number of winners - You can specify how many winners you want to have.
8. Send the gift - You can send the same gift for everybody or you can send unique prizes for each participant. View some awesome contest ideas.

Advantages for Contest Creators

You can increase your sales - Creating a contest or offering a free product will boost awareness and will also build a relationship between you and your users by offering prizes to them in exchange for social sharing or comments.
More comments and engagement - Our system will randomly choose the winners. In this way, the participants will make sure everything is transparent, and they really have a chance to win your prize.
Winners are automatically extracted - If you want to offer a free iPad you can make sure your prize will go to a real winner, and not to the blog owner.

How it works for Bloggers or Website Owners

1. You will be contacted by the owner of the contest - If you have a big blog or website you will surely be contacted by someone who wants to promote his company or product. 2. You will receive a code - The owner of the contest will send you a code via e-mail. 3. Embed the code - Copy the code in your post, or on your websites. 4. That's it! - The owner of the contest will moderate the comments and when the contest goes out-the-date the winners will be automatically selected out of our platform. You don't need to manually send the gifts. We will take care of it.

Benefits for Bloggers or Website Owners

Increase your traffic for free - Everybody loves free gifts. Our platform requires sharing on Facebook and this is what will make the contest viral.
Automatically choose Winners - In most cases when big companies run contests on blogs, one of the winners is the blog owner. This is very good for you, but this way you may lose a lot of engagement to your blog. Maybe you could win a nice prize but you lose a lot of users who trust you and your website. This barrier is gone now, because more users will participate in your contest and this will make the contest more viral. 
More comments - More content - If you have more comments, this will also reflect for sure in your search engine rankings.
Run as many contests / giveaways you can - I am sure that if you run a contest / giveaway one time you will come back for the second time. The main idea is to offer some nice prizes and you will see amazing results on your blog.
Win-Win - Find companies who can sponsor a giveaway by yourself. Big companies will be more than happy if you promote them on your blog. For a link back, they will be happy to offer some free products for your readers. This is a win-win situation where everybody will be happy at the end.

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